Sammy Ferber is a Chicago-born performer living in New York City. He currently has a BFA degree in Theatre in progress at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. He is an actor, singer, composer, and writer.

Sammy began performing at the age of seven at Lake Forest Children's Theatre in Lake Forest, IL. Soon after, he began doing annual shows in his hometown of Deerfield with Deerfield Family Theatre, run by the Deerfield Park District. He also performed at Harand Camp of the Theatre Arts over his summers, and continued doing school productions during the school year. 

At 16, Sammy joined the Actors Training Center Repertory Company, directed by Janet Louer. The Repertory Company specialized in musicals with young actors in a professional environment. Janet became a mentor to Sammy, and he went on to do more than a dozen shows with her over the next three years.

In his senior year of high school, Sammy was named a state finalist in the Illinois High School Musical Theatre Awards, for his role of Robert in Company at Deerfield High School. 

In 2014, Sammy began his education at New York University in Tisch School of the Arts' Experimental Theatre Wing. 

In 2016, Sammy signed his first professional gig with the RENT 20th Anniversary Tour.

Along with his theatre career, Sammy is also an avid writer. He has written songs, poems, scenes, plays, and novels, all of which he views as passion projects to do in his free time. He is currently working on a graphic novel.

Performing as Sam Byck in ASSASSINS in the fall of 2014

Performing as Sam Byck in ASSASSINS in the fall of 2014